Everyone dreams of owning a beautiful  house.  For the middle class this dream appears to be more distant.  To realise this dream they save throughout their life and put their  hard earned  money in constructing their own house. While construction of the house is one part,  designing  and decorating the interiors is another part. Designing the interiors tastefully is very important for those who desire to live in style.  However, we need an experienced  interior designer to give  real value to the money we spend on the interiors,  otherwise we may end up  losing the hard earned money.
Interior designing is not confined only to a  single aspect,  but encompasses furniture design, electrical layout, false ceiling, doors and windows, kitchen design, flooring, internal partitions, wall colours, selection of paintings and artefacts, ward robe design, bed design, child room design, bathroom design etc. Interior designers work according to the taste and budget of their  clients.  Many themes and designs are available to choose from,   depending on the personal interest and the amount one can spend.
However, the cost estimation, quality of the materials used in the interiors  and the durability- mean a lot to the customers.  After spending lakhs of rupees, if  the desired quality is not achieved,  it will be very disappointing.  In-built warranty and assurance of free maintenance for three to five  years will create confidence among the clients.
One may go wrong if he thinks that good and rich looking  interiors can be achieved only by spending more money. More than the money, it is creative and innovative mind of the interior designers which results in beautiful interiors.  Within a reasonable budget also, one can create good looking interiors,  by adopting a crafty and creative thinking and planning.