We all wish for the perfect interior design for our home. To attain it we fill our residence with expensive antiques, furniture, beautiful lightings, and floorings.


And making a perfect choice in all of these could be a hassle for you especially finding the right flooring for your house. Cause at some places you might be willing to have a cleaner look and on the other hand, somewhere you wish to have a flooring that is easy to maintain and clean cause it has high foot traffic. Also, you want something durable. At the end of the day, we all wish to have a masterpiece.


It could be difficult for you to decide the best tiles for your kitchen therefore to ease your choices in finding the best flooring for your kitchen we bring you the list of top 10 kitchen tiles Trends in India.


 1) Bevelled White Subway Tile


Beveled subway tiles look great when used as a kitchen backsplash because of its design. Each tile section has a 3D decline of 45° which ultimately gives your kitchen a much wider look. Using beveled white tiles is not easy, as they get dirty a lot while cooking. But it gives the kitchen a depth in look. When the edges of two beveled subway tiles meet it creates a 90° depth pattern on every edge. It's also easy to clean as the dump between the tiles

2) Hexagon Tile

Hexagon tiles look very delicate yet are extremely durable, despite any wear and tear usage. If your kitchen is one of those who step several times a day to cook and spend most of their time in the kitchen it's purely needed that you must have a backsplash. The hexagon tiles will be perfect as they are crafted from ceramic, natural stone, or porcelain having six edges. They are durable in feel as well as delicate in look. It gives the kitchen a rough and hasty look.

 3) Picket Design

Picket Design tiles headline a soft white background with shady tones from the crystal glass design. The layout reminds of the peaks of a picket railing and has a modern and unique flair. It's best for one willing to have a classy look in the kitchen. Picket tiles design gives a glamourous outlook by the pattern followed by the borders of the tiles. Its beauty increases by 2 fold if it's followed by cabinet and shelf style of kitchen. 


4) White Imported Ceramic Tile 300x600mm 

The building material in ceramic tiles is known for its durability and low maintenance. It is the most commonly used tile in kitchens and bathrooms. If you are looking for something common but impressive enough ceramic white tiles are for you. It gives your kitchen a shiny and glossy look. It's recommended that use white ceramic tiles in the kitchen with golden lights or yellow lights combination as it truly justifies the shining ability of ceramic tiles.

5) Moroccan Tile

Everything you wish is being featured in Moroccan tile. These tiles can put shades and colors into any room despite its decoration. They come in different colors and shades giving versatility in design. Mostly recommended for kitchens with dark or shady color cabinets and windows. As it gives more boldness to the interior of the kitchen and makes an impression for open kitchen space. 


6)  Subway Aqua Blue 

Subway tiles are one of those classic tiles which can never go out of style. The Aqua blue color of Subway tiles are best for kitchens, unlike any other tiles, Subway tiles will not let you feel any need for up-gradation as they are the evergreen choice of simplicity. They are chosen for backsplash in the kitchen mostly as it is easy to clean and do not let any stain take over its color.

7) The Zurbaran

Kitchens mostly are the untouched parts of the house when it comes to designing. Zurbaran tiles bring you pattern design within its tiles giving you a touch of design even in the kitchen. It's known for its engraved patters and durability. It's recommended to use flower engraving zurbaran tiles in the backsplash of the kitchen with a chimney on the top. 


8) Mosaics


Mosaic tiles are known for their design and visual appeal. It's best recommended for small kitchens with no much cabinet space. Its designs and patterns are printed on it using laser technology. It's durable as well as comes up with a variation in pattern thus giving you a huge bundle of options to choose from. It's famous for its blue flower printing and black marble printing in the market.


9) Black and White Strip

The most classic and clean looking tile pattern would be none other than black and white striped tiles. Its recommended for that kitchen which is not crafted in walls that is it's in an open space of the living area. Thus to blend in the living area the best pattern in house designing will be none other than black and white. It should always be accompanied with either bright colors of the cabinet or pure white cabinets and shelf. 

10) Glass Tiles Highlighter


If you want to give your kitchen a more modern look by justifying its visual appeal. Glass tiles highlighter is one of the best options available in the Indian market. However, it's always recommended that the choice of the pattern must be made wisely. By using any odd pattern you might end up messing with your interior design of the kitchen. Thus always prefer consulting to an interior designer before finalizing glass tiles pattern. 


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