Candles are clearly an unquestionable requirement on Diwali and nothing can make your home look and feel more merry and welcoming than a cluster of these flexible pretties. The trap is to exhibit them in an unexpected way. Fish out that layered pressing and dress your candles with them, heaps of purge containers make stunning light holders or basically put them all on a mirror for that additional gleam!


Blossoms needn't bother with vases. Have a brew mug, an old aluminum pail, a bloom each in a wine glass as you just observed, your mom's pickle jolt or an espresso tin from your current shopping trip.

Present a piece each of the different sweets you are going to serve artistically & give your guests a sneak peek, gulab jamuns on skewers, barfis sitting pretty on a plate.Use lentils around a floral sponge to make it interesting.