With the continuous innovation and development in the tiles industry, the customers are becoming more demanding. They are looking for newer and more beautiful tiles that are appealing to all. Pattern tiles, are gaining much fame in this regard.

Interior designers are giving more emphasis to pattern tiles these days. It has become a choice for those who want to add a huge positive impact in the overall ambiance of the house.

 Today, there are many patterned tiles available in the market to choose from.  To help you decide among the multiple number of choices available, we share a few with you in this blog. Let us have a look at them:

  • Victorian Patterned Tiles: These tiles were first seen in the 1800s and was the choice of the class people. It has also been found in historic places such as churches, government buildings and regal houses and has been the choice of the affluent since then. Since they have a historic touch in their designs, Victorian tiles have undergone many changes. Currently, a lot of modern art and design have been incorporated into Victorian tiles.
  • Geometric Toiles: Geometric tiles have been gaining a lot of popularity in recent times. They have offered to the user a major breakthrough from the traditional plain tiles that are boring to look at. Geometric tiles provide a trendy and fun filled look to your home. These tiles have been originated and are inspired from many of the Islamic, Moroccan and Victorian art and cultures. Digital printing has also become a common practice within geometric tiles.
  • Encaustic Tiles: These tiles are made of different segments of clay or cement with a coloured pigment blended in each segment. This carries the colour to the entire tile. These riles are more durable in nature, but are also quite expensive. They have been originated near the Mediterranean Sea. They are available in many geometric and mosaic like patterns. They are rich in character and full in details.
  • The patterns in which you lay your tiles also has an impact on the overall look. there are different geometric patterns in which the tiles can be laid. Some of the ways of doing so are arranging tiles in stacks, diagonal, checkboard, basket wave or brick like patterns.

Each of the above-mentioned pattern have a different significance and give a different look to your house. Visit or website for more details and choices of patterned tiles that we offer.