So you may have had your eye on Moroccan tile for some time now, but don't know how to install it. Installing Moroccan tile in the house is a lot simpler than you may envision and should be done in one weekend.

The primary thing you have to do is choose what structure of Moroccan ceramic tile you need. That will be the hardest part. At that point decide the amount you will require by estimating the length and width of the floor to get your area. I suggest getting additional tiles since no one can really tell what could turn out badly.

 I recommend getting extra tiles because you never know what could go wrong. Anything overabundance, for example, paint, grease, and glue should be removed. High spots can without much of a stretch be leveled with a sled and etch.

For certain surfaces, it is important to apply a sub-floor. Any nearby hardware shop will enable you to choose that. You likewise need to make sure to remove any molding or baseboards that will get in the way.

The trickiest part of laying tile is that the space you’re working in is undoubtedly not a perfect square. Getting the tile design perfectly may take some time and some tile cutting. Here is an extremely straightforward technique for arranging the tiles effectively.

Snap two chalk lines going down the center point of the room, one on a level plane and one vertically with the goal that they meet in the center. Place tile along each line, leaving space between them for grout. Ensure the spaces are notwithstanding, giving an equivalent appearance. You may need to move them around to get however many full tiles in as would be possible.

Now the time has come to set the tiles. For most ceramic tiles, you should buy thin-set, which resembles bond and is sold in sacks. Most stores will reclaim opened packs of the thin set so don't be hesitant to overbuy. Blend the slender set with water in a five-gallon can until it has a thick, pasty consistency.

When you have blended the thin set, trowel it over the zone where the tile will be set. Just trowel a territory that you can securely reach on your knees. Utilize a scored trowel and run it with the goal that it leaves pushes that keep running in a straight line.

Take a ceramic tile and place it into the slim set utilizing a slight descending weight. Once set up trifle with an elastic hammer and tap it to guarantee great inclusion.  If any thin set comes up around the tile, quickly remove it before it dries. Do your full tiles first, at that point move onto the cut tiles. Give this a chance to sit medium-term, and unwind, on the grounds that tomorrow you'll be grouting.

To mix your grout, add the powder to a little bucket first and afterward include water. Mix it until it is a yogurt-like consistency and let it sit for 10 minutes. When you come back, if it's no longer soupy, include more water and attempt it once more.

When the grout is prepared, utilizing a grout drift, take a glob of grout and spread it over the grout lines. Make a point to work it is actually well. To expel abundance grout, run the grout glide level over the lines at a 45-degree edge, at that point run a damp sponge over the line. Make certain to work in little areas.

When the grouting work is done, you should run a wipe over every one of the lines. The secret to expelling grout is to wash the wipe habitually and utilize almost no water. An excessive amount of water will wash out the grout you need.

Let everything set and dry before supplanting your furniture in the room. After just a single end of the week, you have a wonderful new life with excellent Moroccan tiles. To keep the Moroccan style all through the room, add Moroccan furnishings or other Moroccan artwork.