06 Dec

Choosing the Right Bedroom Floor Tiles

 Make sure you are getting the best quality of bedroom floor tiles at the cost that you can sincerely manage.

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29 Nov

How to Find Beautiful Ceramic Porcelain Tiles

You can never go wrong badly when you pick ceramic porcelain tiles for your home finishing. 

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19 Nov

Bathroom Wall Tile Design Ideas

While making a perfect bathroom wall tile ideas, one must remember to adjust the financial plan and the magnificence of the thing. If it's not too much trouble visit Bathroom Tile Ideas for bathroom tile resource.

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01 Nov

Eco-Friendly Ceramic Tiles by Mytyles

When it comes to flooring, ceramic tile is a substance of decision for originators and property holders for in addition to the fact that they are accessible in an unending cluster of colors, finishes and designs but on the other hand are viewed as condition cordial. 

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18 Oct

Choose Natural Stone Tiles for Your Floor or Wall

Mytyles offers a wide range of high-quality Natural Stone Tiles, and offer expert advice on how to install and maintain your floor.

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06 Oct

Pros and Cons of Different Types of Washbasins

Explore magnificent collection of natural stone washbasins only on mytyles.com. Basins carved out from natural stone have their own charm and can bring beauty and elegance to your bathroom. 

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19 Sep

Vitrified Tiles - What Exactly Are They?

Vitrified tiles are tiles which have experienced a procedure called verification which gives the tiles its unique preferences. 

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10 Sep

Wooden Ceramic Tile Collection for your Home

Come to Mytyles.com to explore the wonderful possibilities of tile decoration with a diversity of varieties. The Stunning Tile Collection would certainly contain exactly what you need.

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31 Aug

How to Embrace the Power of Pattern Tiles in Your Home?

With the continuous innovation and development in the tiles industry, the customers are becoming more demanding. They are looking for newer and more beautiful tiles that are appealing to all. Pattern tiles, are gaining much fame in this regard.

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16 Aug

Know More about Wall Tiles - Mytyles

Wall tiles come in a couple of various tile materials, these incorporate matt, gloss and mainly ceramic. One of the best materials to be utilized for wall tiles is the ceramic type, ceramic wall tiles are produced using clay which is then coated. 

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