Hardwood flooring looks rich and is an incredible decision for the modern home. Unfortunately, these are extremely fragile and require a ton of care so as to keep up their incredible looks. Those who find it too difficult to maintain their hardwood flooring have a magnificent choice nowadays which isn't just alluring yet are considerably harder than hardwood floors. So what is this alternative and what makes them so exceptional? Vitrified tiles is a standout amongst other choices for giving your home an modern look and is an awesome contrasting option to hardwood flooring.

Vitrified Tiles: What Are They?

These tiles are influenced utilizing the vitrification process which combines 40% clay and 60% silica keeping in mind the end goal to shape vitrified tiles. The process of vitrification makes the yield item non-permeable and hard and this additionally gives them the added advantages over marble and similar natural stones which are permeable and requires a great deal of care.

Vitrified tiles don't require any kind of maintenance at all. These are non-rough and can likewise be utilized as a part of zones which are made utilization of a great deal.

Another great advantage these tiles have over hardwood or some other type of flooring is that the designs are printed using soluble salts and has the limit of infiltrating the surface of the tile to around 3mm. essentially, this implies your vitrified tile has designs which are at a depth of around 30% of the thickness of the tiles.

With so many advantages, these tiles have just a single disadvantage. These tiles are not yet available in various colours and shades. Aside from this, the benefits they offer is beyond compare and will guarantee a rich and tough flooring option for the entire home.


Some of the advantages of vitrified tiles are as follows:

- Changes in moisture level or temperature does not contract or grow the tiles not at all like it does to a wooden flooring.

- You can make utilization of spacers to make uniform gaps at the time of settling them or filling them.

- No support is required. All you have to do to care for your tiles is clear them.

Cleaning Tips

- To keep dust away, you can utilize floor mats at entrance focuses.

- Do not make utilization of chemical compound solvents or cleaners on the tiles.

- Scrape out broke or fine joints and refill them in any event once consistently with the goal that they are kept up in great condition. Damp mopping is additionally suitable.