Coming up with a new office space for your company? We are sure there are a lot of things that come to your mind before taking decisions for the same, and the biggest among them all is the look and design of your office.

Believe it or not, the tiles that you use in your office, for both the walls and the floor, will be responsible for the look of your office to the greatest extent.

Walls tiles are a more convenient option than a wallpaper for many reasons. Firstly, there is a lot of ease of cleaning involved when it comes to tiles as compared to a wallpaper. Also, they have a long-lasting nature and a waterproof finish that shows a high-quality effect.

Wall tiles for office is not a common sight to see but are being increasingly adopted by many. The stylish, beautifully embellished and high-quality tiles cater to all tastes and design aesthetics. Tiles help spaces acquire a distinct personality and mood. Let us see what all we should keep in mind before we select wall tiles for an office space.

The first and foremost thing that one should think of is the type of industry your company is. For example, if you are a creative ad agency or a marketing firm, it might be a good idea to have colourful and quirky tiles in the office, while the same might not be true in case you are a bank or a stockbroking agency. In this case, you might want to consider more serious colours that make you look more professional.

Also, you need to consider the people that visit you on a daily basis. If your personality and profession are creative and you expect your design to be more vibrant, try going with a bold large format tile. This will allow your guests to feel the creative energy as soon as they enter your home or office.

Make sure that the colours you go for are in sync with the furniture that you use in the office. Different shades or scales of the same colour can be used for the table, the sofas, the curtains and carpets of your office. This will give your office a more professional look!

Above all, choose wisely and patiently and make an economical choice.

At MyTyles, you can find a wide range of wall tiles that will cater to a number of your needs. You can browse to select tiles according to your choice of colour, texture or material! Until then happy designing!