Ceramic tiles are the most popular flooring options that we have been hearing of since ages.  They have become one of the most convenient flooring options for a variety of uses in homes and at outdoor locations. It is not uncommon to see ceramic flooring in walls and backsplashes these days rather than finding them just on floors and bathrooms.

There might be reasons for this increasing popularity of ceramic flooring. What is it that is making these tiles a choice of the masses these days? Let us see some of the factors that are giving this popularity to Ceramic Tiles.

Firstly, we talk about the durability which is the basic need one looks for before choosing the right type of tile for one’s floor. Ceramic tiles are known to be very durable. Not only are they strong, but they also resist microbial infection, are scratchproof and prevent moisture. Also, if finished rightly, ceramic tiles can also prove to be slip-resistant.

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Hygiene is another factor that makes ceramic tiles so popular. As already mentioned, these tiles are antimicrobial, they don’t attract and retain bacteria. Also, these tiles do not hold odor and hence make them a perfect option for flooring of kitchens and bathrooms.

Ceramic tiles also retain colour forever making them a colour permanent flooring option. Even after being exposed to sunlight or rain, they do not start to fade and retain their colour for their entire lifetime.

These tiles are also cost-effective and require lesser maintenance as compared to other tiles. If one is looking for a beautiful flooring option that is not heavy on pockets, one can easily go for ceramic tiles. Also, since they are easy to maintain because they don’t get damaged or dirty easily, it reduces the cost of maintenance for the customer.

Ceramic tiles are also known to be eco-friendly in nature. The raw material used in ceramic tiles are nothing but sand, glass, and clay, in compressed form. These materials are easily recyclable and natural renewable resources. During the scorching summer months, ceramic tiles can help to keep your house cooler and save you energy; another aspect that makes these tiles an eco-friendly option as compared to others.

Also, since ceramic tiles are available in several shapes, sizes, colours, and textures, they can be aesthetically pleasing and can find application in a variety of locations be it homes, bathrooms, offices, outdoors etc.

Apart from the above benefits, ceramic tiles are also known to be fire resistant and maintaining indoor air quality as it is virtually inert with no off-gassing.

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