Décor of Bedroom is one the most important part of the interior decoration, & tiles play a vital role which is not only given by furniture and design elements. The broad range of floors and wall tiles has been created to decorate and make this room unique.

 To make it more stylish & beautiful you have to pick the tiles very careful. A bedroom is an only place where you can relax yourself, spend time with your loved one, friends, kids and family, A bedroom reflects the personality and luxury of a person. Bedrooms are the most important part of your homes’. And Mytyle collection helps you to make your dream homes, bedrooms, and feel like a king of a Mahal.

Furniture and other stuff in bedrooms vary significantly, depending on taste, native traditions and the socioeconomic position of an individual. For example, a master bedroom may include a bed of a precise size (double, king or queen-sized); one or more dressers (or perhaps, a wardrobe armoire); a nightstand; one or more closets; and carpeting. Built-in closets are fewer common in Europe than in North America; thus there is the countless use of freestanding wardrobes or armoires in Europe.

An individual’s bedroom is a reflection of their personality, as well as social class and socioeconomic status, and is unique to each person. The numerous TV series of Come Dine with Me expose to view some of the bedrooms of the hosts of specific programs both to the guests and to those who choose to watch. However, there are certain items that are common in most bedrooms. Mattresses typically have a bed set to raise the mattress off the floor and the bed often delivers some decoration. There are many different types of mattresses.

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