At Mytyles – You will find hard, strong and durable tiles for the outdoors. Perfect for creating a seamless look between your home and garden, these tiles combine all the aesthetics of a beautiful and timeless design with the practicality needed for use outside.

Tiles for outside areas like parking lots, grounds, entryways, walkways, stairways, transport stations, arrival/departure lounges etc bear a lot of foot traffic flow. Here it is essential to have floor tiles that bear up such heavy pressure & foot traffic. Our special portfolio of outside tiling solutions is highly abrasion resistant as well as high on flexural strength enabling the floors to withstand high traffic pressure with nominal maintenance efforts.

We provide you flawless material for outdoor tiles. It is water absorber, non-slippery, fire proof, frost-proof and slip-resistant and comes in many shades and designs. Give your outdoor space a designer feel with our product. We have an eye for beauty and are on a continuous quest for perfection. We, therefore, ensure that only those tiles, which match our highest standards, are given the brand label, an assurance for quality.

The high standard of our laboratory, for instance, is envied by other tile manufacturers for it's through and through systematic work. Every aspect of our tiles is measured at our very own laboratory, from the tile’s water absorption to its strength. Even our raw materials are constantly tested to ensure that their properties will be worthy of only the best, Mytyles tiles.

For your fun time with your loved one, kids, pets, friends, relatives at outdoor to be the best experience, Kerovit's sanitary ware, and Faucet range compliments all your decor ideas. A modern design requires modern utilities, and we have them waiting for you!

Please reach with your requirement, so that we can provide you the best possible solution.