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02 Sep

Vitrified tiles: Why are they so tenacious?

The world of vitrified tiles is so miraculous that they have become the starting (and in most cases the ending point) for superhuman, herculean transformations. The luxurious sheen, the glamorous prints and finishing touches, and the crisp angular edges aside, vitrified tiles deliver the promise of looking supernaturally new every day.

…And that’s one of the few reasons we encounter clients everyday who start listing out their requirements with the phrases ‘low maintenance’ or ‘something strong.’ 

Over the years, vitrified tiles have earned their reputation and while the industry insiders continue to build on it, let’s take a look at your existing options, what’s hot and what not, anc ppd how you can transform any space with the midas touch of vitrified tiles. 

Let’s get going, shall we?


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13 Aug

Top 3 Exterior Tile Trends that has Us Swooning

In a country like India where the weather is unpredictable and changes at the drop of a hat, the exteriors of any property are multifold and more likely to corrosion resulting from water, heat, and pollutants. Preserving the integrity of the property, elevation tiles safeguard against the structural damages resulting in premature maintenance splurge. 

Nevertheless, the options for elevation tiles in terms of aesthetics and style are varied and taking them into account plays a crucial role in your decor and functionalities. 

Want to know what’s hot and new? Let’s take you on a ride!

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27 Jul

How to Design Stylish Parking Spaces that Wow at First Glance

With the changing lifestyle, one of the most common additions to everyday life has been a personal vehicle. It has grown to become a necessity. However, with the carying climate, the socio-economic situation and a genuine need to protect an everyday asset, a parking space has become a genuine necessity in residential and commercial settings alike.

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23 Jun

Zellige Tiles 101: All You Need To Know About This Trendy Tile

Handcrafted, glossy, and incredibly gorgeous, Zellige tiles have taken the decor industry for a massive spin since 2019. You might have seen them everywhere but the official name is known only to a few. Famous for its superior shine, the uneven surface, and the unique colours, Zellige tiles are admirable for a number of reasons.

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09 May

Timeless Sink Backsplashes For Your Next Bathroom Remodel

One of the most frequent questions we hear on a daily basis is, “how can we create something unusual with your products?” It is neither about the lack of options nor the variety of inspiration. The modern homeowner seeks something unique.

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03 May

Creating Accent Walls With Brick Cladding: 5 Brilliant Ideas for Bringing The English Courtyard Home

A smart, intuitive solution to a traditional, labour-intensive craft, brick cladding is an extremely flexible and inexpensive solution to deck up your walls. Over the years, this trend has developed to bring together various finishes, touches, and colour palettes together under one roof.

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22 Apr

Tile Shape Spotlight: Styling With Rectangular Subway

Wall and floor decor form an integral part of home design. It contributes to the ambience of the space and instantly creates a shift in the overall feel and the energy of the space. Tiling has quickly emerged as the go-to means to not just preserve the physical integrity of the space but to augment the aesthetics while we are at it.

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13 Apr

Tile Care and Maintenance: How to Keep Your Tiled Surfaces Bright and Shiny

With the varying quality of water, temperature, humidity, and a host of other external parameters across the Indian subcontinent, tile cleaning, care, and maintenance is perhaps one of the most tiresome conversations amongst homeowners. While professional tile cleaning services are available, the hefty price tag makes it inconvenient.

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06 Apr

Kitchen Backsplash Inspo For New Homeowners Straight From MyTyles’ Clients

A new house is a source of joy. If you are a first-time homeowner, then chances are you have a completely decked up list of the latest tile trends and ideas awaiting your arrival on your browser.

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29 Mar

Tiling Practices from the Pros: The Key to Making Any Tiled Surface Dazzle

One of the biggest myths surrounding tiles, their installation, and their maintenance involve opinions that sound something like, “Oh, it doesn’t matter who installs the tiles and what materials they use. You can always get away with a durable product from a reputed seller.” Or, “it really doesn’t matter if you select something from a premium range.

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