30 Mar

5 Reasons to Choose Exterior and Interior Stone Cladding

We have got the natural Exterior stone cladding as well as Interior stone cladding that can fulfill our love, hope, and dream, concealed in the core of our heart and give the strong, blazing look of our paradise or sweet home.

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12 Mar

Which Tiles will you Choose for your Lifestyle?

Your house is your dream which you have made with your hard-earned money. We respect your feeling towards your house and presented you with a great makeover that makes your efforts more colorful.

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07 Feb

Beauty of Hexagon Bathroom Floor Tile

Hexagon tile can give your bathroom a perfect look. You may find that you appreciate the vibe of Italian tile in the hexagonal shape. 

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27 Jan

5 Backsplash Materials to Consider for your Kitchen

If you’re looking for an instantaneous way to make a statement, big, bold patterned backsplash tiles are always in style and can be the showstopper of your cooking space.

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24 Dec

Ceramic Tiles - Varieties and Designs by Mytyles

Ceramic tile is one of the best building materials that offer a variety of hues, surfaces, and designs to its consumers. 

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12 Dec

Project Tips - How to use Ceramic Tile

Spread out a ceramic tile wall in a similar way. Figure out where to make cuts. Would you like to make cuts at the base of the wall, at the top, or at both base and top?

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27 Nov

Porcelain Floor Tiles: Tiling Options for Your Remodel

Use tiles on your bathrooms and kitchens, porcelain floor tiles are great. They are incredible mostly on account of their durability as they can take the substantial pedestrian activity, kitchen spills and bathroom wetness. 

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18 Nov

Backsplash Tiles for the Kitchen

There is a range of materials that are utilized to create these backsplash tiles and this includes glass, ceramic and even metal. There are likewise some tiles that feature designs and pictures.

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19 Oct

Style your homes with Interior Brick Cladding

The Interior brick cladding is utilized both to add basic help to a structure, shield structures from the components and can fill a stylish need also. 

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18 Sep

7 Considerations in Choosing External Wall Cladding

Choosing the right external wall cladding is frequently a difficult decision. There are many options available of choices accessible to look over.

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