13 Feb

6 Ways to Improve Your Home with Natural Stone Cladding

Stone cladding is an eye-catching exterior for a home, influencing it to look exemplary and imperishable regardless of what the building style. 

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05 Feb

Floor Tiles - Perfect Floor Tiles

There are many different types of floor tiles but the primary ones which you are most likely going to need to have installed are ceramic floor tiles. 

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19 Jan

The Benefits of Using External Wall Cladding

Mytyles is a company that offers great and appealing brick cladding solutions. Also, the company has skilled specialists who can introduce cladding appropriately and effectively to make your house better.

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15 Jan

Importance of Ceramic Wall Tiles

There are numerous providers of wall tiles on the web and offline. We have a huge collection of ceramic tiles at Mytyles situated in Bangalore and we delivered really quickly.

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10 Jan

How to Make your Kitchen Perfect by Ceramic Wall Tiles

If you’re looking for the very best tiles available choose MyTyles for your interior design needs.

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22 Dec

Different Types of Floor Tile That Matches Your Style

Mytyles is an industry leader for Online Tiles with 3+ Years of Online Industry Experience. Our Online and Offline store stocks the best range of ceramic,wooden,vitrified tiles and so much more.

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28 Sep

5 ways to make your living room big

So how can you make the best of a large living room? Even if your room is not huge, it is difficult to furnish and make it look big. Here are few tips to make your small room look spacious and big.

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25 Sep

Natural Stone Tiles or Porcelain Tiles

Choosing floor tiles for your house ? Yes, it is difficult and challenging.You also need to think about the cost, durability and practicality of the floor tile you choose. Popular choices for many people are either porcelain or natural stone floor tiles, due to their beautiful appeal, wide variety and hardwearing properties – but making a decision is very tough.

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04 Sep

Decorate Your House For Diwali


The warm sparkle of diyas, stimulating scent of Gainda and Mogra, quieted golds and profound reds, hot gulab jamuns and calorie loaded cashew nuts and the exquisite plates.
Candles, Flowers, Colors, and Food. My Diwali is constantly comprised of these. Isn't yours as well?

I have always believed that decorating the home for celebrations doesn't really mean burning one's pocket. In any case, it beyond any doubt requires huge amounts of imagination and that is precisely what we will discuss today.

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27 Aug

Interior Designing Costly or Cheap

Interior designing was talked about by only the upper sections of the society in the past.  However, nowadays  even the middle classes are showing equal interest in having interiors of their choice. Right from the colour schemes to the  upholstery and the curtains, they are very particular and choosy.  This has given new opportunities to the interior designers to think and work differently and on a larger scale.
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