Picking up a ceramic tile to replace your current bathroom wall tile might prove to be a very consistent, convenient and comfortable option. The ceramic tiles are known to possess qualities like durability, damp resistance as well as an easy clean nature. The prices of these tiles may vary from being affordable to expensive but will eventually prove to be a great pick to take the place of your current bathroom wall tiles. Apart from these, vitrified tiles to take the place of your kitchen tiles is a considerable option as well.

The Emergence of Ceramic

The ceramic tiles are quite obviously made up of ceramic which is a derivation of a mix of some of the natural substances like clay as well as sand.

In order to provide you with a strong bathroom tile, the ingredients of the ceramics are exposed to relatively high temperatures, the water is driven out so that a chemical reaction can take place providing the original strength to the structure. Deep and scientific, isn’t it?

Types of Ceramic Tiles to Choose From

Broadly, as a customer, you have 3 types of ceramic tiles to choose from to replace your current kitchen tiles namely earthenware, stoneware as well as porcelain. The variant qualities of all the 3 can be learned about below -

The Earthenware ceramic tiles that can be used for your kitchen tiles are porous and opaque in nature. They can be easily scratched as well. However, the stoneware tiles are non-porous and have a surface which is pretty smooth. This is also difficult to scratch and hence, become a good pick for your kitchen or bathroom tiles. Porcelain is also non-porous, has a smooth as well as a glassier surface.

Elegance and a modern look for your home is a must these days. The vitrified tiles will help you provide your home with a very refreshing look which is a combination of clay as well as silica. These tiles provide a high degree of efficiency because these tiles do not let water get through the floor. These tiles give an enhanced look to your home and provide a tinge of sophistication and spark to your ambiance.

Various kinds of technological advancements like digital printing, print images, high-definition reproduction, texturing, appearance and a lot more can add to the variability of these tiles. It’s upon you how you can make the best use of your ideas to make the vitrified tiles catchy, loud, simpler and whatnot, according to your taste and preference.