Ceramic flooring is a typical sight at a variety of conditions nowadays. It is a reliable compositional arrangement as one need not worry about the requirements of water, stains, and design with these tiles.

 Ceramic tiles are comprised of sand, common products and clay; subsequent to being formed into shape, they are let go in an oven.

Ceramic tiles are broad of two types, glazed or unglazed. The unglazed tiles are given single terminating, while the unglazed ones experience twofold terminating, in the middle of which, a vitreous coat is applied.

According to Mytyles Tile Company, below are some characteristic of ceramic tiles. They are as follows:

Characteristics of Ceramic Tiles

  • Dirt Resistant: Ceramic tiles don't hold clean like numerous other flooring surface choices. Likewise, they needn't bother with much upkeep. Consistent cleaning with family material keeps up these tiles.


  • Stain Resistant: The stains of ceramic tiles can be effortlessly cleaned.


  • Slip Resistant: Ceramic and porcelain tile manufacturers have created slip safe tiles by utilizing different coatings, glaze additives, and patterns


  • Colour Permanence: Because color is let go into a tile's clay body or onto a tile's glazed surface, fading does not happen. The colors in ceramic tiles don't blur regardless of whether presented to coordinate daylight and its shading draining UV rays.


  • Hygiene: Ceramic flooring, for the most part, does not hold antigens or allergens making it an appropriate choice for situations that require the abnormal state of cleanliness, for example, healing facilities.


The above-mentioned properties of ceramic tile show how advantageous it can be to utilize it for your ground surface alternative. Be that as it may, it has a few disadvantages also. It has a hard surface which can make it hard to remain on. Likewise, since it is an icy material, it can be hard to stroll on amid winters when it winds up colder. Amid summers, these tiles are warm.