Tiles are a common choice for kitchens and bathrooms. The hardwearing and durable qualities of floor tiles make them perfect choice for everyday traffic, spills, and easy maintenance as well. Are you planning floor renovation project in your home? Rather than copying old flooring consider updating your home to latest floor tile Bangalore trends.

Every year new flooring trend emerges. Enhancement of design and materials mean there are more options in tiles that are appropriate to use throughout the entire home. Todays, hundreds of floor tile varieties and designs available.

Recently, ceramic floor tiles gain the popularity due to the features like durability, flexibility and decorating style. At MYTYLES individuals can get all the latest trend titles for a contemporary home makeover.

Here’s an overview of some of the trending floor tiles that you should consider when renovating your home:

•    Nano Polished Vitrified Tiles:

These floor tiles let individuals enjoy the natural appearance of vitrified tiles along with a flat surface. Due to features like resistance to water, chemical agents and ease of cleanliness and maintenance, these can be the best living room floor tiles.

•    Kajaria Wooden Strips 200*1200 mm Timber Rose Wood:

Gives your living room a new touch. Kajaria timber Rose Wood tiles will enhance the beauty of your home. The floor tiles for living room are easy to install. However, these durable, no wax finish tiles are the best fit for any of home project.

•    Wooden Design Floor Tile- Natural Wood:

The new collection of natural wood effect flooring tiles is extremely hygienic, resistant and maintains its characteristics over the time. You can get a huge selection of these kitchen floor tiles at MYTYLES. These tiles wrap kitchen ambiance with natural charm.

•    Colortile – Glazed Vitrified Tiles (GVT) – Oceanic Choco:

The digital design tiles have a glossy finish and are the great choice for your kitchen. These tiles endure water, do not absorb odor and are scratch resistant as well. Furthermore, you can easily clean and maintain these floor tiles.

•    1*1 Moroccon Tiles MYT6886001:

The ceramic tiles are a mix of attractive patterns, geometric designs as well as efflorescent motifs. These matt finish bedroom floor tiles are perfect for bringing the floor space to life.

•    600*600 Printed Ceramic Tile – Ran Rock:

These tiles have digital printing matt finish that best suit your bedroom floor. Along with floor space, the tiles can also be a great choice for your bedroom walls.

Wrapping Up

With the availability of numerous colors and style options, floor tile Bangalore is also very versatile. Above said are a few floor tiles available at MYTYLES that you can consider for your home renovation project. Hence, if you want to renovate your home, then contact MYTYLES for getting latest and unique design tiles.