Firms that produce glue mixtures and grouts, as well as the manufacturers of tiles, can offer special compounds for cleaning the surface.While cleaning it is necessary to limit as much as possible, and in the case of cleaning for glazed tiles or polished tiles, generally exclude the use of abrasive powders or metal brushes. 

During daily cleaning, you should use detergents available for sale.When caring for tiles, you should avoid using very aggressive cleaning agents. This can damage the joints, especially if the grout was cement-based. Seams, wiped with epoxy materials, have high chemical resistance. 

Dirt and dust brought from outside, Can damage the appearance of the tiles, increasing the abrasive load. Therefore, the floor at the entrances should be kept as clean as possible. It is necessary to use mats at entrance.

In case of stains, it is necessary to clean the surface of the tile as quickly as possible,because to clean the stain afterwards it will be more difficult. It is best to try the usual detergent, which is easily washed off with water. If all the same spot is more resistant try other methods (Point mentioned below ). 

When using bleach, follow the manufacturer's instructions, check the effect on a small area in moderate quantities. It is not recommended to use bleach if it is fading the visual effect of tiles. 

The basic rules that must be observed during operation. After laying, it is necessary to clean the surface of the adhesive residues and grout. For glazed wall and floor tiles, you can use a warm solution of water and a soft sponge, trying not to scratch the tile.

If non of these hacks are working call the experts and let them handle the issue, you dont want to end up spoiling the beauty.