Porcelain tiles are available from MyTyles.com in a multitude of different colours and styles, from the purest whites and the darkest blacks to marbleised patterns, mixed colours, opulent floral designs, mirrored effects, wood effects, sand effects and more. 

  • Porcelain wall and floor tiles can make a gorgeous alternative to carpets, wallpaper and paint, and have the potential to make any room look absolutely stunning, whether you’re covering an entire wall or floor.
  • Porcelain floor tiles with a natural stone finish offer a much more affordable alternative for both tiles and installation – giving you the stone look for less.
  • Porcelain tiles are virtually water resistant, making them an ideal choice for bathroom tiles or kitchen floor tiles where there’s a high risk of coming into contact with water.

Natural stone tiles make a gorgeous addition to any home because of the natural beauty that is effortlessly achieved through the patterns that have formed into them during their creation.

  • Natural stone tiles look great with a huge variety of colours, so there’s something to go with any room, and at MyTyles you can choose from a huge selection of different tiles to find the perfect one for your home.
  • The availability and labour of quarrying natural stone makes them a more expensive choice, which also applies to installation – as its uneven surface and the need for pre-sealing make installation more labour-intensive and costly.
  • Stone tiles, the natural defects and porous properties require them to be sealed.

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