Removing tile adhesive isn't that easy as it may seem. Most people do like to go old-school on this, that is, make use of steel wool or a putty knife to get rid of the adhesive but you need to know that you might just end up scratching the whole tile and making it look old and worn out. What to do when you are faced with such a problem? Well, the best option is to make use of a suitable solvent that will not only effortlessly remove the adhesive from the tile but will do so in an eco-friendly manner, i.e. without creating any pollution such as harmful fumes.

Taking care of your Tiles from Day One

Most people get the tiles installed and wait for them to settle down before any kind of finishing touches are given. The best way to remove such adhesive from your ties is to keep cleaning them with a damp cloth while they are being installed.

Removing Adhesive from Old Tiles

Well, a totally different approach is needed to take care of old tiles. As we've already mentioned, chipping away your tiles can damage their texture and their lustre. In such a case you will need to make use of a good quality solvent that will remove the adhesive without damaging its lustre. What all solvents can you use? Well, two of the best ones we found were denatured alcohol and paint strippers. Both these solvents are effective and absolutely safe.

Denatured alcohol is available freely in the physical world. In case you are not so keen on using it, look for good quality solvents over the internet. Besides these, you'll come across some semi-liquid solvents as well. These solvents are extremely easy to use and stay wet and effective for up to 24 hours. This adhesive is extremely effective and totally pollution free. However, you'll need to follow the following steps:

1. Make sure that you make use of impermeable gloves such as the ones made of latex and wear eye goggles at all times.

2. Take your gel-based solvent, shake it well and pour about 2 cups into a bowl.

3. Get hold of a clean paintbrush (preferably new) and use it to apply the product generously over the tiles.

4. As we've already mentioned, the product will stay active until the next day. Thus, it's a good idea to leave the tiles as they are for a few hours and let the solvent work. Make sure that you allow the product to stay on for at least 30 minutes.

5. Don't wipe out all the tiles at once! First test out one tile. Take a spatula, cover it with a soft fabric and scrape the tile. If all goes well, then continue to scrape the remainder of the tiles.

6. For stubborn adhesives, you may need to repeat the process more than once. However, we're yet to come across such an adhesive.

Once the job is done, you'll need to dispose of all waste materials properly. Ideally, you should collect all waste, wrap it up in newspapers, put it in a garbage bag and dispose of it. Make sure that you keep your pets and your children away from the tiles and the solvent. Most solvents, if ingested, are extremely fatal.