When it comes to selecting tiles for your walls, it is an altogether tough decision. There are various things that go through your mind, for example, the look of your walls, the durability, the colour that would go with the rest of the interior of the house, the budget constraints and what not! In this blog, we make an attempt to help you with such dilemmas that you face while selecting tiles for the walls of your home!

The number one thing that probably comes to your mind is the material of the tiles that you will use. The best options available are ceramic, mosaic and porcelain. Your choice will affect the look and the durability of your walls in the long run.

The next thing you should consider can be the durability of the tiles. The above-mentioned materials can be compared for their durability factor. In our opinion, ceramic tiles are extremely durable and the person will not face any trouble of replacing them in the near future.

Also, as we have always mentioned, the maintenance of tiles is another option that one should keep in mind, be it for the walls or for the floors. However, maintenance is not much of an issue when considering tiles for your walls as they do not accumulate dust and other materials as quickly as floor tiles do and also, they do not come in direct contact. Again, ceramic tiles are a good option when we consider this factor.

After you are done with the above mentioned three factors, you can next consider the aesthetics of your property. You can see which colour, design and texture suits with the overall look and complements the same. Light coloured tiles make space look larger. These days tiles are available with a variety of styles and colours! We advise you to go through a number of magazines or web sources to find designs you like. Once you get ideas, you should work them out for your own property.

Tile size is another constraint you can consider. Large tiles make them look more spacious and airier. If you use floor tiles on the walls, the look will become more cohesive, but one should never go the other way round i.e. wall tiles on the floor as the floor tiles need different strength due to the traffic that they have to handle.

Whatever decision you take, the most important thing that is to be kept in mind is that the choice should be such that, the overall look and design of your house are not compromised on! For other queries, feel free to contact us!