Introduction:- We see here to give your house, apartment, office a classy look. Tiles not only floored your house but also gives your dream house an attractive look. My Tyles presents you with an exterior stone cladding to make your apartment a thing to be jealous of.

We are offering you a wonderful interior with 2000 tiles design, premium quality material. It also gives you a 100% trustable service with an online and offline presence. Ice on the cake is the price; we offer different slabs of denominations which ensures your budget and fits in your affordable choices. So, nothing more can’t demand; we are the ones who are giving full service in one package.

Bathroom tile designs:-

The aristocracy of a house owner reflects from the interior of his bathroom. The basins, shower or tiles should be in a neat set up to give washroom a classy and attractive look. We offer you a vast price range from Rs. 49 -14,440.  These fit your bathroom as needed. We will design your bathroom from top to bottom; no matter it is a floor or the wall.

There are 164 products in this genre only; so don’t compromise your bathroom interior anyway.

Subway tiles:-

Make your look awesome with MyTyles designs which will give your Subway a glamorous look. We have 77 designs in this genre at your affordable price. We offer you a complete set. Our best product is in this genre while crackle tile. So what you waiting for; don’t you want to design your Subway with the awesome look prove? Make them your first choice.

 Hexagon tile:-

We provide the best hexagon tiles in this country. We have a very limited number of products in this genre. We have picked up the best designs for you. These will make your wall thing to gaze at. We have some categories of imported materials which are the best across word design in this specific type of variety.

Other categories:-

Besides these awesome varieties, we also provide other categories that simply make your house heaven. We also provide excellent accessories that will suit your wall design and make it more attractive. Our special category is backsplash tile which give your apartment a smart and fantastic makeover. We have just introduced a rangoli design for color lovers.


Your house is your dream which you have made with your hard-earned money. We respect your feeling towards your house and presented you with a great makeover that makes your efforts more colorful.