Vitrified tiles have changed the exchange situation of the Indian market. There are by and by relatively few vitrified tiles manufacturers and the request of this kind of tiles in Indian market is rising day by day. The best tile organizations in India are endeavoring to incorporate this item into their variety of offerings.

'Vitrified Tile' strength appears to be a term to you; anyway, it is just a kind of tile with to a great degree low water assimilation.

Less water digestion property makes vitrified tiles corrosive/antacid/compound safe, imparts better quality and influences it to check safely.

 Vitrified tiles are made with dust compression process, which makes it harder, denser and less permeable than common earthenware tiles.

It is started up at amazingly high temperatures, in excess of 1250 degree centigrade bringing about an extremely intense, thick, homogenous cover. These are then cleaned to a high complete, by methods for exactly the comparable hardware that is utilized to clean the Granite and also Marble. As these are less permeable then ceramic tiles, they are additionally easy to clean.

Industry typical water absorption score for vitrified tiles is <0.5%

Vitrified tiles fall into a couple of subclasses as underneath:

Solvent salt:

Vitrified tiles that are printed with screen printing innovation and after that are cleaned are distinguished as dissolvable salt. The outlines of such tiles are presented to blur after wear and tear of few years.

Full body vitrified tiles:

These kinds of tiles have shaded the distance all through the body (width) of the tile. Because of this scratches are less obvious. These are made with the paint blend pre-included while building the body.

Nano polished Vitrified tiles:

If we apply a covering of fluid silica on these tiles, all things considered, it tops off the miniaturized scale (nano) pores at first glance and makes it smoother in feel.

Glazed Vitrified tiles (GVT):

The major advantage of GVT is that it offers decision of making any kind of plan/work of art that is just possible in this sort of tiles. Lots of sorts of surfaces are plausible with GVT.