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MYTYLES Display center and Warehouse will remain close on 14th and 15th of OCT 2021 for Dussehra festival. Will resume work on 16th OCT


Q) Why to buy from

- There are many reasons to buy from us.:-

  • (i) We have more than 5000+ designs of tiles.
  • (ii) MYTYLES has both Online and 10000 SQ FT Showroom Display presence.
  • (ii) Customer can order sample to their home.
  • (iii) We provide tile visualizer which help the customer to see how a selected tile is gonna look in their home.
  • (iv) Transparent and Best prices compared to market.
  • (v) Fast Delivery for the products ordered.
  • (v) Assured gurantee of quality and authentic brands of tiles only on sale.
  • (vi) Free personalised suggestions from our experts of interior designing.
Q) Does ship Indiawide provide service acoss India?

- Right now we offer full service of 100% of our product in Bengaluru. Only 10-15% of our collection can be shipped all over India ( Categories like Imported Wall Tile, Moroccan Tile, Subway Tile, Natural Stone Cladding, Brick Cladding, Designer Wash Basin etc). We are working hard to make full range service across India.

Q) Is buying tiles online from is safe?

- Yes, buying tiles from MyTyles is totally safe.

We use totally secured payment gateways from "Razorpay",and all the renowned nationalised banks. PayUmoney uses powerful 128 bit encryption secure socket layer (SSL) for encrypting customer data during transmission.

Complete payment process is PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant.

We strictly adhere to our policy of not diclosing or sharing our customers with any indivisual/organisation.

Q) Does Mytyles have any display store where I can visit?

- Yes we have our display showroom in Bengaluru near TC Palya Road. Full product range is available in display where you visit and finalise. Our expert sales executives are available to help and guide.

Q) Can you show me how my house will look?

- Yes, we can. For this you need to upload your house photo after login and send it to us. We will add that image in the visualizer and send you the link to use. Your personalised home images won't be shared with anyone else. The link is password protected and will be for your personal use only.

Q) Can I get samples?

- Yes , you can order samples of the designs you like at your address. Please check our sample policy.

Q) While ordering, can I mix-and-match on colors and styles of products?

- Yes, you can. As long as you are meeting the minimum quantity order for all the products category.

Q) Which form of payment do you accept?

- We accept Credit cards, MasterCard, Visa, debit cards, Net banking and direct bank transfer.

Q) How to do direct bank transfer?

- You can get our company bank account details in the payment page. Add us as payee and within 30 minutes you will be eligible to make the payment (through NEFT/RTGS/IMPS). Please don’t forget to mention your order number in the message of your payment. Once we receive the payment we will email you the order conformation details and will ship the consignment. For more details please call our customer service at +91 9108568400.

Q) Can I pay using Cash On Delivery (COD)?

- No, currently our company is not offering Cash On Delivery payment option.

Q) How safe is to make the payment online at MyTyles?

- Yes, the payment process is 100% secure . MyTyles use totally secure payment gateway from ""Razorpay"".

- Razorpay uses powerful 128 bit encryption secure socket layer (SSL) for encrypting customer data during transmission. The presence of SSL means you can rest assured that communications (e.g. credit card numbers) between your browser and this site's web servers are private and secure.

- Complete payment process is PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant.

Q) Do you accept International cards?

- We only accept DebitCard/ CreditCard issued in India.And netbanking option accepted by almost all Indian Nationalised banks.

Q) What are the refund timeframe?

- If your order is eligible for refund, then within 5-7 working days you will get the refund in your bank account. Click here to read our return and refund policy.

Q) While placing the order, I entered a wrong shipping address. What to do now?

- There is nothing to worry. Kindly inform our customer service as the earliest. They will help you to change the correct delivery address.

Q) Do I need to pay any labour charges for my order?

- Labour charges for loading from our warehouses are included in the amount you have paid. Only you need to pay the labour charges for unloading the products at your end. Customer needs to arrange the lobour from their end. In case you want us to arrange the labour , then this has to be intimated to us prior to the delivery.

Q) What are the labour charges and how to pay?

- Labour Charges depends on the number of boxes of tiles, distance and number of labours required. So please contact our customer service for the estimates.

Q) How is the packing of the tiles?

- Tiles are packed in good quality cardboard boxes with the corner protected by plastic . We check the packing very well from our side before delivery to avoid transit damage. We provide the safest and most secure transit methods for delivery of samples and of orders. This ensures that very less damage is done to tiles.

Q) During what time of the day , delivery will happen?

- All deliveries will happen between 8am-6pm of the day. For quick deliveries, and any change in location of delivery please contact our customer care.

Q) Can I collect the product from MyTyles office address?

- Yes, you can pick the order from our office address. Please inform our customer service for the same.

Q) Can I use the floor tiles on my wall?

- Yes, you may use. But never use a wall tile on floor. Wall tile are not made to support weight like a floor tile are, and the glazing is not meant to stand up to foot traffic.

Q) If I drop something, is it going to crack my ceramic/vitrified tiles?

- It completely depends. With proper installation, ceramic tiles are very durable. A good ceramic/vitrified tile is less likely to break with normal things like dish, cup, glass etc.

Q) Will tile color/shade will fade if exposed to sunlight?

- No, a tiles color/shade are fired on at temperature more than 1000 degree centigrade. You can install the tile anywhere without the concern of fading.

Q) Will my tiles on floor be too slippery?

- Tiles are availble in many finishes. Please choose the finish as per your requirement. We have all the finishes available in our website.

Q) Why should I go for bigger size tile?

- Bigger the tile size lesser the joints which gives a perfect look to your floor/wall . For large spaces , always wise to use the bigger size tile.

Q) What is tiles visualiser?

- Any wall or floor can be visualized using this application which will help to give a real idea of how the wall or floor will look in real with different variety of tiles installed on them.

Q) Is using tile visualiser chargeable?

- No, tile visualiser is absolutely free of cost to use. It is not at all chargeable.

Q)How does it help me?

- Floors and walls can be visualized with tiles so that it'll be helpful in selecting any product before you buy.

Q)Can I use my personalised home images on it? Is it safe to do so?

-Yes, it is completely safe to share your homes images for diffrent rooms and you will be getting a link to use tile visualiser for your personal images . It wont be shared on the site or anywhere else without your permission.

Q) Does install products or refer customers to installers?

- Mytyles does not have in-house installer and we don’t refer or advocate any specific installation firms or individual installers.

Q) Can I lay tile over tile? Or Should I remove them first ?

- It is always advisable to remove the old tile before installing the new one. But if is really needed then yes, it is possible to lay tile over existing tile. But make sure the old tiles are installed properly. In such cases chemical adhesive may require. Contact our customer service for all details.

Q) How does it help me?

- Floors and walls can be visualized with tiles so that it'll be helpful in selecting any product before you buy.

Q) What is the best way to calculate the number tiles required?

- Multiplying the length(in feet) and width(in feet) gives us the area in squarefoot. From this area we can the calculate number of boxes. Generally for cutting loss & to have enough tiles in hand , add 10-12% extra. Use our tile calculator to calculate the exact requirement.

Q)What are grouts?

- Grouts are used to fill the gap between the tiles after installation. It help to protect from moisture. These are avaialable in many colors to match with your tile.

Q) What are spacer?

- Spacers are plastic/rubber/wood material used during installation to maintain even joint width between tiles.

Q) Before installation , should I immerse the tile in water?

- Yes, please immerse each tile for about 5-6 mins in clean water.

Q) How to maintain and care tiles?

- Simply sweeping and mopping regularly will keep the tiles clean. In case strain persist (even after cleaning with detegent) use dilute hydrochloric acid or muriatic acid.